Program Notes

2017-18 Season

         October 16, 2017
         The Reformation, 500 Years, featuring The Florence Symphony Orchestra

         November 20, 2017
         The B's Have It, featuring Dr. Benjamin Woods

         December 11, 2017
         Holiday Pops, featuring The Masterworks Children's Choir of Florence

         February 12, 2018
         The Three Tenors of Florence, featuring Paul Thompson, Shaw Thompson and Nick Townsend

         April 30, 2018
         Symphonic Rock, featuring Stephanie Fagan, Brandon 
Goff and Todd Norris



2016-17 Season

October 17, 2016
Polish French Connection, featuring Daniel Adam Maltz

November 14, 2016
Remembrance, featuring Lindsey McKee

December 12, 2016
Holiday Pops, featuring the FSD1 High School Honor Choir

February 13, 2017
Spellbound Love, featuring Mackenzie Melemed

March 27, 2017
World Premiere: Beyond the Years

May 1, 2017
George Gershwin to John Williams

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